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Hey there – thanks for stopping by!

I live in Houston with my husband John and completely crazy cat, Chloe.

Having worked in campus ministry fulltime for six years, and on a church staff for 2 years and counting, I understand the fast-pace nature that can often come with a life dedicated to serving others.

​In my own life, I have had to work very hard to establish rhythms and routines to guard my health, marriage, and close relationships from experiencing harm due to a busy lifestyle. These adjustments haven’t come easily, but the option was really either to make some changes, or drown.

After witnessing many fellow ministry workers struggling in these same areas, maintaining health while gaining momentum in ministry, is something that I have become very passionate about.

I am continually seeing more and more people step out of ministry due to burnout. This is such a tragedy. And simply not necessary. We should be able to partner with God in the building of his Kingdom and maintain mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

I believe this so strongly that I’ve developed a business around the idea that ministry and health go hand in hand.​

I became certified as a life coach through the Life Breakthrough Academy in 2019. I was once told to “pay attention to the things that frustrate you.” And boy, seeing people struggling in ministry is at the top of my list. So I decided to take that frustration and turn it into a positive outlet to help others.

As I researched the best method on how to do this, life coaching kept coming up. So I took the plunge. And I’ve absolutely loved it.

Along with ministry, I have a strong background in journalism, having graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in communication and an emphasis on journalism and history.

I have been helping others articulate their ideas during interviews and book editing for the past decade, so coaching has come naturally.​

I value my clients and would love to work with you!

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